by Hydrargentium

When she woke up this morning, Cowl immediately felt that something was not “right”. She rolled out of bed, slipped on her Odie slippers, and walked over to her dresser. Her left foot felt like her left foot as she walked. The other foot, the right one, definitely wasn’t living up to its name. As she stared in the mirror, wondering what kind of spell could erase the signs of a late-night outing, she pushed her hands through her hair, thinking about just tying it into a pony tail and going for a long jog. Just like with her feet, though, her left hand did its thing the way it always had. The right one just felt wrong.

Time to consult her crystal. As she set up the large Swarovski in the middle of her coffee table, she deliberately used both hands equally. She hoped that whatever vibe she was getting from her extremities would be picked up by the crystal teardrop, and show up right away once she incanted her spell.

Show me darkness
show me light
never let the spirits fade
choices that the world has made
bind my vision
give me sight!

Along with the last word of the spell, she pierced the heel of her right hand with a large straightpin, and let a single drop of blood fall onto the crystal’s upright point. As she watched, staring intently into its facets, the teardrop crystal became cloudy, like the colour of her blood, and then glowed with its own sanguine light.

Inside the light, Cowl could see shapes and moving figures.