by Hydrargentium

“Just so you don’t start raggin’ on the fat man, I’m just sayin’.”

Marathon’s train of thought was smashed off the track, and went tumbling down the embankment into a nearby small town, wrecking the feed store, and killing two stray dogs and the village idiot — no loss on that last one.

“Wha… what made you think I’d ‘rag’ on you?”

Radiant just shrugged, the bulk of his shoulders rippling like pudding under his spandex.

“Aren’t we all superheroes here? Setting a good example and all that?”

“Mmm. Yeah, we are. Which is why I figured you might want to start ‘setting a good example’ for all the kiddies by encouraging fitness with me as the ‘before’ example…”

“…and me as the ‘after’. Right,” Marathon said firmly, nodding his head. “Look, I’m not that kind of guy. I’m all about personal responsibility, and personal choices. If you choose to, um, eat less healthy foods and lead a more sedentary lifestyle, that’s up to you.”

The chuckle came from deep in Radiant’s chest, setting his jowls to quivering as it worked its way out.

“Sedentary lifestyle? I’m a superhero. I chase bad guys across town. I’m one of the most active people on the planet. You’ve seen me. Who took down those alien robots last week? It wasn’t anyone else rounding them up and melting them down. It was me. And they were all over town. All. Over. Town.”