by Hydrargentium

Lucas looked up, cocking an ear to one side. He thought he’d heard something… a thump….

There it was again. And again. He was sure it was getting louder.

Then he realized he could feel the vibration through the ground with each thump he heard. The vibrations were definitely getting stronger.

A few more, and he realized two things in quick succession: the events were regularly spaced; it was just like someone walking slowly, as if carrying a great weight.

Lucas turned to look up the street towards where the sound seemed to be coming from. It was late at night. The streets were deserted. He could see no shadows moving up from around the corner, because the harsh street light would have pushed them all in the opposite direction.

He wasn’t sure what to expect, but Lucas was sure, when he saw who finally came around the corner, that he had in no way expected that.