by Hydrargentium


“I’m hurrying. Screw off.”

Ranger wasn’t sure why, but the way Call-out was waving his hands really pissed him off. Something…. not effete, but ineffective.

“They’re coming! Around the corner! Right now!”

In time with Call-out’s narration, the trio of Deadlies came stomping into view. Ranger’s HUD showed them at 16.2 metres, closing at a rate of 3.3 metres per second. Plenty of time.

“I see ’em. Unknot your shorts, Call-out.”

Ranger connected the last two wires with a quick twist and a swatch of electrical tape. A tell-tale came on in his helmet, in tandem with a red LED on his kit-bashed device.

“Done. Get us out of here.”

Call-out practically dove at Ranger, annoying, ineffective hands clutching at his sleeves. A moment later, there was a blackness, and then they were up on a roof, two blocks away.

0.78 seconds after that, the Deadlies reached the edge of the cobbled-together proximity sensor they’d left behind. From their vantage point, the light show was impressive, eclipsed only by the howling of the three Deadlies as they arced through the air toward the lake.