by Hydrargentium

“I am so tired.”

Oiljack made a face, widening his eyes as if to fight off the pull of gravity on his lids.

“Whew. Me too. Let’s call it quits, huh?”

Sandblast pressed at his eyes with the heels of his hands, and swayed a little in the faint light of the quarter moon.

“You think we can? I mean, are we allowed to, right in the middle?”

Oiljack reached over to the nearest wall, and dragged his palm across the dirty bricks. Two swipes left an oily, black X. The edges dripped slowly, following the channels of the mortar.

“Now we know where we left off, and we can pick it up tomorrow. When’s good for you?”

Sandblast shrugged, fatigue making the gesture half-hearted at best.

“I dunno. I should be ready to start fighting again by midnight.”

“Works for me. See you then. And don’t forget the rubies, so when I beat you-”

“-if you beat me….”

When I beat you, I’ll be able to return them to the bank right away.”