by Hydrargentium

“It’s been tearing pieces off there for half an hour now!”

Captain Filmore yelled to be heard over the roar of the chopper blades, the down draft trying to suck his words out the open loading door. Beside him, the specialist Homeland Security had sent in simply nodded, never taking her eyes off the creature below them.

“I can handle this.” Her voice was calm, measured, and projected clearly over the rush of air. “When I exit the vehicle, immediately pull up at least five hundred feet, and make sure your people keep the perimeter secure.”

She looked over at him. Her eyes pierced the command veteran, even through the hazy mirror effect of her red goggles.

“I mean it. Not even your own people.”

“For how long! How will we know when it’s done?!”

The specialist grabbed the rail on the edge of the door frame, and swung one leg out to hang in the empty air. She looked down at the ground, glanced at the creature again, and then up at the sky. Almost as an afterthough, she looked back at the Captain.

“You’ll know. It won’t take that long.”

Then she let go her grip on the frame, and stepped towards the ground. Filmore started barking orders into his headset, and watched as the woman activated her power. Instead of plunging feet-first, she grew, adding size through all her dimensions. Instead of falling to the ground, her legs and body simply grew to fill the distance. As the chopper gained altitude, she stood upright, towering over the fifty-foot tall mantis-thing that was eating its fill of the side of Barrick Labs.