by Hydrargentium

“I can’t work like this. This is insane!”

Skylark stormed into Ibrahimi’s office, arms flapping in exasperation. The feather-like decorations on his costume rustled in sympathetic irritation.

Director Ibrahimi, not normally known for his patience, squeezed his lips into a thin line as he looked up from his computer. Once he’d checked his initial reaction, he spoke into his headset.

“Mrs. Clinton, I’m going to have to get back to you, if that’s okay. I have a… personel problem I need to address.”

Listening for a moment, he nodded, before stabbing the “end call” button on his phone with a no-nonsense, “OK, thanks.”

Skylark, meanwhile, stood and watched this brief exchange, fuming.

Ibrahimi did a slow blink, then stood up to look the hero in the eye.

“Next time, remember to knock first.”