by Hydrargentium


Jackrabbit dove at Heart’s Bane, covering thirty feet between the rooftops in his leap. Saliva glinted on his bared buck teeth, and the red in his eyes looked singularly maniacal above his snarling mouth and flaring nostrils. Before Heart’s Bane had time to react, Jackrabbit was on him, fuzzy white hands locked around the villain’s silk-wrapped throat.

“I’m gonna tear yer fuckin’ head off, you purple-pants bastard!”

After his initial reaction to the fury of Jackrabbit’s assault, Heart’s Bane’s expression returned to its usual suave sneer. Without bothering to put his hands up in defense, he gasped out a reply.

“You’ll never… find her… then… will you?”

A low growl, the kind usually associated with predators and not floppy-eared prey, rose up in Jackrabbit’s throat. It quickly built into a guttural yell, as he threw Heart’s Bane to the gravel.


Jackrabbit stomped around the rooftop, large white feet pounding the surface.

Heart’s Bane got up slowly, easing his white scarf away from his neck with a single manicured finger.

“Hardly the most articulate response, Mr. Bunny.”