by Hydrargentium

Mal-ice marched down the long hallway, the bass line from “London Calling” thrumming through his head and setting pace to his feet. His Doc Martens made a solid stomping sound on every fourth step to help mark the beat.

Passing a guard, he smirked, and reached out to poke a finger. His finger sounded like a woodpecker, tap-tap-tap, against the guard’s frozen chest.

Almost as an echo, he heard a pounding behind him, boom-boom-boom. That would be Rockface, breaking through the ice-bound portal. It was a little sooner than he’d hoped.

Well, he thought, there’s always going to be risk when you cross your boss. Time to step it up.

John Lydon screamed “God Save the Queen” in the back of his brain as he ran on, a quick blast freezing up every door as he passed.