by Hydrargentium

“I call it an ‘anthill’.”

Soundscape looked down at the swarm of tiny robots, busy coming and going and bunching together inside the tank. “They sure look kinda like ants. Are they building something?”

Tinhead chuckled, like it was his own private little joke.

“Yeah, they’re building stuff, and tearing stuff down, and using it to build other stuff. They’re in a bit of competition, see? To build the most stuff. But they only have limited resources, so each one has to get the raw materials from one of the others.”

To Soundscape, this sounded a bit like pitting bugs against each other in glass jars, and shaking them until they fought to the death. Instead of saying so, she bit her lip, and tried to play it out. Maybe she had it wrong.

“Sooooo… how’s it going then? Are there any winners?”