by Hydrargentium

“What’s going on down there?”

Ranger peered through his goggles for a few more moments, before shoving them up onto his forehead.

“Break and enter. In the jewelry store on the corner. They’re in there now, except for the driver in the Hummer.”

“Thieves in a Hummer?” Ice-Kool whistled. “That’s a serious ride for B & E.”

“It’ll go anywhere, and it’s hard to stop. Probably stolen anyway.”

“Hm. So, we going down there?” Ice-Kool’s hands started to glow, pale blue and shimmering.

“Nuh. I don’t like it. Something’s wrong. We’re gonna wait a minute.”

“Wait?! What for? Let’s-”

The sound of bursting asphalt interrupted Ice-Kool’s inquiry. Ranger looked down at the street, and then pointed.