by Hydrargentium

Ice-Kool sputtered, a minor sleet storm falling to the street below.

“What the hell IS THAT!?”

By the time Ranger took his eyes away from the action, Ice-Kool’s skin had turned frost-bite blue, and was coated with a quarter inch of clear ice. Given the circumstances, Ranger didn’t think his preparation unjustified.

“Looks like a giant fire-breathing shrew to me.” He shrugged, unshouldering his #1 rifle. “Could be a vole, though. I’m not up on that stuff.”

“What the hell is it doing here?!”

Ranger aimed his weapon streetward and peered through the scope.

“By the looks of it, finding out if Hummers are edible.”

He looked sidelong at Ice-Kool while he locked his underslung grenade launcher in place and loaded a canister with an orange stripe.

“You should head down and deal with the beastie. I’ll take care of the thieves.”

Raising his rifle to his shoulder again, Ranger squeezed off a shot. It ricocheted off the Hummer’s hood, causing the getaway driver to dive for cover instead of running away.

“Ice-Kool.” Ranger’s voice was suddenly sharp and commanding.

“Go. Now.”