by Hydrargentium

Clouds. I’m in the clouds.

There was something not right about the whole thing, but Ranger couldn’t put his finger on it. There was a loud, persistent noise, and his hair kept whipping into his face. That was odd, but there was something else.

Noticing the light around him changing, he focused again on the clouds in front of him. In front. Of him.

Yes, that’s right. And they seem to be getting further away.

Suddenly, Ranger knew exactly where he was, and his heart jumped from languid to pounding from one beat to the next. He fought to keep his breathing under control, and forced himself not to start flailing his limbs.

Ranger was not the kind of man who panicked easily. But finding yourself suddenly in free fall, plummeting out of the cloud layer, could make even a corpse feel a flutter of distress.