by Hydrargentium

The door slid up, rattling noisily, first revealing a pair of massive red boots. Big hunks of dull red steel, like futuristic Uggs for robot fashionistas. Then it became obvious they were attached to red mechanical legs, with huge cylindrical joints for knees. A bulging shell of torso, four small arms hanging from the sides, and then two giant pincer arms and a bulge of head, and the door was up, the noise undone.

A sharp hiss of released air punctuated the hum of servos as the front of the shell opened, folding out and down to expose the red-lit interior. Luke was surprised to see Lucy sitting in the middle, nestled in a throne of cables, wires and heads-up displays. With a laugh, she released herself from the controls, and hopped down to the shop floor.

“What the hell, Lucy?”

“I told you I’d been working on something!”

“Yeah, but…,” Luke rolled his eyes. “Holy crap!”

Lucy blew on her knuckles, polishing them on her suspenders.

“I know, right? I call it, ‘Cancer’.”

Luke made a face.

“Cancer? You mean, because it kills people? That’s creepy. Doesn’t exactly say ‘superhero’, you know?”

“What? No.” Lucy made pincer motions with her hands. “You know — Cancer?”

“What? What are you talking about?”

Lucy blew a stray bang out of her eye.

“I knew I should have gone with Scorpio.”