by Hydrargentium

Something smelled… off.

Rex couldn’t quite put his finger on it. No, he chuckled to himself, not his finger. His nose.

“What are you hiding?”

Killerwatt stared at him. Rex could smell the change in his sweat. Definitely, he was hiding something.

“You might as well just tell me. I’ll find it anyway.” Rex sniffed the air, exaggerating the expression on his face as he did so. “I’ll sniff it out.”

What he was really waiting for was for Killerwatt to do the guilty glance. The right kind of guilty look, especially if he thought Rex wasn’t watching, would tell him where to look. Yes, he could sniff around, but without knowing what he was trying to find, it would take him forever.

Ah. There it was. Killerwatt’s gaze shifted briefly but sharply to the left, down low.

Rex sniffed again, loudly. “Over here? In the garbage can? What have you dumped in here, hoping I won’t find it?”

He started to stroll over to the wastepaper basket, and then dove for cover as he heard Killerwatt move, the smell of ozone hitting his nostrils like a splash of cold water.