by Hydrargentium

“So you’re telling me that there’s no such thing as aliens.”

Kat-grrl nodded her head, her lips pressed together in a way that said, “Yep, whether you believe me or not.”

“It’s all a hoax?”

“It’s all a hoax.”

“Really….” Buckminster rubbed at an eyebrow under his mask.


He seemed to contemplate this, little structures made of silver tubes forming in the air as he stared off at nothing: a bridge, a tunnel, an archway, a dome, a series of steps in a double helix.

Kat-grrl played with her hair while she waited.

“But you were there with us, last month. We were back-to-back there, for a while. The aliens were freaking everywhere! You probably still have that scar on your leg. How can you say there’s no such thing as aliens?”

“Mm-mm,” she replied, shaking her head. “Those weren’t aliens. They were artificial life forms, grown in government vats. They want you to think they were aliens. Because the truth is much scarier.”