by Hydrargentium

“Man, I feel like I just got run over by a truck.”

Tar looked up from his book to see Smackhammer slumping his way through the maze of tables. From his posture, he did look beat up, but his costume and armour showed no signs of distress.

“Tough supervillain?” Tar asked as Smackhammer settled heavily into a reinforced chair.

Smackhammer just shook his head, staring at the scratched tabletop.

“Psychic assault?”

“Huh.” Smackhammer shrugged, a rueful grin twisting his lips. “Something like that.”

Tar set his book on the table, face down and open to the current page, and waited for more. Eventually, it came.

“Had a girl just tell me she wanted to slow it down. Just be friends for a while.”

Tar grimaced. “Ouch?”

“I guess. Hard to say.” Smackhammer shook his head like he wasn’t sure, one way or the other. “I think she probably actually meant it, but I know the cliches.”

Sighing, Tar tried to console. “Well, I suppose-”

“It’s just that I wasn’t really expecting it. That’s what drove the truck.”