by Hydrargentium

The rain was a presence unto itself, sheeting out of heavy clouds that clamped the sky shut. Even through the electrostatic faceplate on her helmet, it was difficult to keep her bearings visually. Thank goodness for the heads-up nav system Pixie had built into the gear. A nice, simple arrow floated in the corner of her vision, pointing the way onward.

A few minutes later, a beacon of concentric green circles appeared near the middle of her view. Without really thinking about it, she adjusted her course, and the target centred itself. Looking past the circles — it was more like looking through them, really — she could make out the lights of the campground. They must have been turned on in the middle of this rainy day to make it easier for her to find. Good thinking on the part of somebody down there, she thought.

Angling earthward, feet first, she aimed for the main building. Moments after she touched down, the large screen doors, two of them hung barn-style, opened outwards, ejecting a man and his poncho.

He wasn’t particularly tall, but he was both muscular and obese, wearing sandals, faded jeans, and a crisp, green baseball cap with “CD” in large yellow letters on the face. He made as if to hold out his hand to shake, then seemed to change his mind and waved her toward the building.

“C’mon in,” he shouted over the rain. “No point standing out here!”