by Hydrargentium

Calvin lay naked on the bed, soft white sheets twisted up beneath him. He felt exhausted.

“Do you still trust me?”

She was pulling her spandex suit, red and yellow in abstract patterns, up over her shoulders, her breasts. She was beautiful, and he could barely think straight.

“I….” He tried again. “I’m… I don’t think I feel….”

The room, even in the dim light, was crystal clear, and her face was sharp in his sight. Even still, it seemed like everything was out of focus.

She adjusted her breasts under the tight fabric, and leaned down to kiss him.

“Shhh…,” she whispered. “You need to be completely relaxed.”

No longer could he feel the bed beneath him. Calvin felt like he was floating, rising up from the chains of the world.

“Am I… gonna fly?”

“Some have,” she breathed into his ear. “But I couldn’t say. Not for sure.”

Her open palm was hot on his bare chest. “Just breathe, Calvin. Just breathe.”