by Hydrargentium

She was a black woman in a camel coat. Her skin was very dark, and accented the much lighter brown of the coat nicely. Call-out was not disappointed.

He was wearing black spandex, accented in grey. Although slender for a superhero, he was in shape enough that the tight suit looked dramatic rather than awkward. Since the fabric was immaculate, Deborah considered that he was probably a man who thought himself stylish. Metrosexual, if nothing else.

“Like the suit?”

Deborah blinked. She thought she’d been discreet in her appraisal.

“It shows the dust a lot, but hides blood stains. And I find the colour quite slimming.”

The comedic nature of his eye-roll nearly made her laugh.

For someone who sounds so formal in emails, he thought, she certainly has a natural way about her. Put her in a more relaxed style, and her own family might not even recognize her. The way she wrinkled her nose just there — you couldn’t teach people that.