by Hydrargentium

I opened the door, letting the security latch stop it at a couple of inches. No useless breakable chain on my door — this was the solid metal kind, welded to the steel doorframe. The neighbourhood had been going to pot for half a decade now, and I wasn’t stupid.

“Can I help you?”

The view through the peephole gave me a headshot of a woman with highlights in her auburn hair, done up in a bun. Not a junkie or gangster, that much was clear, but that only cut out the obvious threats. Like I said, I’m not stupid.

From what I’d seen when I peeped, I was expecting she might be wearing a suit of some kind, and she was. But instead of a pantsuit with matching blazer and a button-down collar, she wore spandex: a super-suit.

I almost closed the door on her right there. Then I realized, if she did have powers, the door probably wasn’t going to be much of a barrier anyway.

“Davin Raines?”

I nodded.

“Doctor Davin Raines?”

She eyed what she could see of me through the two-inch gap. I looked down at what I was wearing, and saw my favourite pyjamas in a new light. Time to do some laundry, it seemed. Maybe I should splurge on a new pair of slippers too.

“I’m Davin Raines. My Ph.D. is on the wall in the living room.” I raised my eyebrows, now acutely aware of how shaggy they were. “So… yeah, what?”

“Dr. Raines, I’d like to see your rocks.”