by Hydrargentium

“Today, we are going to learn about intervals.”

Mr. Ranz hefted a five pound cannon ball in one hand, as if it was made of rubber, instead of cast iron.

“Alexis Johnson.”

Without looking directly at her, he lobbed the ball into the air, in an arc destined for her general vicinity. To her credit, Alexis didn’t flinch and try to jump out of the way. Instead, she raised her hands in the air, palms up, and aimed at the dull black sphere.

Before the ball could finish falling, it was caught up in a solid blast of air. Alexis moved to get under her target, to keep it in the air — her air, shooting from her open hands.

“Very good, Alexis. I’m glad we didn’t need another visit for you to Dr. Garcia’s today.”

Alexis tried to pretend this was funny, but the smile was clearly strained as she focused on keeping the cannon ball from dropping on top of her.