by Hydrargentium

Eli rolled out of bed, sliding into his slippers as he headed for the bathroom. After a quick shower, he shaved clean using a carbon steel straight razor. Even five blades in a safety razor wasn’t close enough for his tastes. His shaving cream, though, was pedestrian: a store brand, unscented, with aloe.

Padding down the hardwood hallway, he took his favourite mug from the rack and poured the custom Arabica blend that had just finished brewing from the automated coffee maker. Timers make life so much simpler, he thought. His coffee was black, a little on the strong side, and was the only one he’d have all day.

The rest of his life was exciting enough that he didn’t need more than that.

Bowl in hand, he was just about to serve himself some granola and yoghurt, when his phone rang. It wasn’t his Eli Levstein phone, though. It was the other one.

Shoving the yoghurt back in the fridge, he scooped up the headset and hooked it on.


Eli listened for a few moments, then nodded.

“On my way. Meet you in the parking lot on Ash in 12 minutes.”

Before turning to go, he grabbed two protein bars from a basket on the counter, and dropped them in a pocket of his cargo pants. He could eat along the way.