by Hydrargentium

It only took about three steps after the path had turned, obscuring his view of civilization and parked cars behind the trees, before Meyvn felt his worries melt away. He could imagine every stress, every tiny annoyance about daily life, flowing out of him, away into the surrounding green.

The weight of concern for the people injured in his takedown of Hailstorm fell like a stone from his shoulders. The tension of having to deal with teammates who only knew how to solve a problem by punching it or electrifying it dribbled from the ends of his fingers. The frustration of his sister trying to set him up with, “a nice Jewish girl from Montreal”, twitched his eye one last time, then flew off like a butterfly into the uppermost branches.

By times, he was one of the smartest people on the planet. Right there, as he planted one foot after the other along the dirt trail, he let himself think nothing, and just “be”.

He walked like that for a good five minutes, before the sound of an explosion off in the distance drew him back into his brain.