by Hydrargentium

His first instinct was to yell, “GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME!!”, but he couldn’t figure out a way to do that without escalating the situation. Instead, he just paused, and she let go of his shoulder, and stepped in front of him. It was only afterwards that he realized she was trying to block his way.

Like that would’ve helped her cause.

She ranted for a bit, and he looked her straight in the eye the whole time, while thinking about how to calm her down and still get his point across. His train of thought stopped dead in its tracks when she accused him of trying to stare her down.

“Black Sapphire, I’m not trying to ‘stare you down’.” Smackhammer bent his knees, squatting down six inches to bring his gaze to her level. “Does this make you feel less intimidated?”

It was ridiculous, and he hoped that would puncture her indignation. It seemed to have some kind of effect; he could see part of the anger flicker and peel away from her mouth and her eyes.