by Hydrargentium

Call-out opened his mouth to speak, then closed it again. His eyes darted around the chaos.


Ranger hoped he wouldn’t have to do something drastic to get him to focus.

“Okay,” Call-out said, still shouting above the din, but in a more level tone, “grab my arm and don’t let go, no matter what. And if you see anyone, grab hold of them too.”

Ranger reached for Call-out, his strong fingers wrapping around the other hero’s arm just above his elbow. Moments later, everything changed.

The instant of blackness from Call-out’s jump was the only transition into the rain of glass and plaster. The stuff falling from the ceiling rattled dully on Ranger’s helmet. His HUD picked up three moving figures in close range, and Call-out was already in motion toward the two on his side. Ranger went with the motion, keeping his fingers locked on Call-out’s arm, but giving it a squeeze.

“One more!” he yelled.

Call-out, in his black body suit, was a shadowy blob in the chaos, and Ranger could just make out the motion of his other arm, reaching out to the two people nearest him. As soon as he thought it was safe to, Ranger took two strong steps in the direction of the third target, dragging Call-out and his pair along.

A moment later, Ranger shouted, “Now!”, his free hand on his target’s shoulder.

There was black, and then there was open sky. They were on a rooftop two blocks away, with two women in coveralls and a man in a suit. Ranger let go of the man.


Another instant of blackness, and they were back in the destruction.