by Hydrargentium

“Well, there you go.”

Cavalier waved his cellphone in the air.

“No signal up here. Either we’re too far away from the nearest tower, or there’s too much metal in the way, or there’s too much radio interference up here.”

He shrugged. “Or, all of the above.”

“Whatever it is, there’s no way to get anywhere down there..”

He paused, and looked meaningfully over his shoulder at the street far below.

“…in time to send the signal to stop the big boom.”

Another shrug. “At least you trie- OOF!”

Cavalier’s monologue was interrupted by Ranger hitting him with a flying tackle. Before he could react, they were both over the edge, accelerating toward the ground at almost ten metres per second, per second.

By the time they reached sixty metres per second, Ranger had locked his legs around Cavalier’s waist, grabbed the phone, and punched Cavalier in the face.

“You’re crazy,” was all Cavalier could sputter.

Without a word, Ranger stripped the silver glove off Cavalier’s right hand and tossed it aside. With a grip like a vice, he jammed Cavalier’s index finger onto the fingerprint reader on the phone.


Ranger paid no heed to Cavalier’s discomfort, eyes focused on the signal indicator at top of the display.

No bars.

No bars.

Cavalier began to squirm, looking down at the rapidly-approaching street, and trying to pull his hand away from the phone.

No bars.

Ranger flexed his knees, and all the air gushed out of Cavalier in a flaccid huff. Cavalier stopped squirming.

The first bar showing signal lit up, a tiny little square of white. A moment later, the notification appeared.


Moving like a man who has only moments to live, Ranger acted. He pulled a line from his belt, slipped it around Cavalier’s chest, and hooked it to itself. Without looking, he threw his left arm out, and shot a grappling line at the Trump MegaTower, down the side of which they plummeted. The free end of the line around Cavalier’s chest was clipped to the firing mechanism, and with a flick and a kick, Ranger detached the launcher from his gauntlet and shoved Cavalier away from him.

A half second later, Ranger was guiding himself toward an empty alleyway, hanging by his harness from a black parawing. The edges of the wing fluttered in the dusky air as he leaned to one side to get a look at Cavalier.

He could just make out the blue- and silver-clad form hanging limply from the side of the Tower, about twenty stories above the ground.