by Hydrargentium

In the dim lighting, the Hobnail Pub looked half decent. Unidentifiable relics, rusty tools and bits of machinery, were hung from the dark-painted ceiling, or nailed to the plaster walls. Triple liked this place, with good craft beers and tasty pub-like fare. They had a great burger, and even the fries were decent.

“So I hear Vagabond is back in town.”

Squeezeplay nodded and took another sip of his beer.

Around a mouthful of french fries, Triple asked, “He was in Europe somewhere?”

Another sip. “Yeah, Europe, and then Germany.”

Triple swallowed hard, trying not to choke, then swigged his ale to wash it down.

“Dude. You know Germany is in Europe, right. Europe’s a continent, Germany’s a-”

“Yeah, yeah.” Squeezeplay waved him off. “I never paid attention in Geometry.”