by Hydrargentium

The flames hit his field, and splashed like water in every direction.

Beside him, Lamplighter winced. “I am seriously appreciative of your power. I spend half my time just finding things to hide behind.”

Interrupt shrugged. “Stuff like this, I can do all day. Energy is easy to block.”

Crouching low, he squinted past the glare to look at the robot. It was slowly rolling forward, closing the distance between them while keeping up the heat.

“It’s coming closer. Something that heavy, I won’t be able to hold back for long.” A thought struck him. “And it’s probably called in reinforcements.”

He closed his eyes to concentrate. Sending a portion of his field out in waves around him, he could feel his surroundings: the solid walls of the corridor, the empty space of the conduit that ran through the ceiling, the heavy bulk of the robot, its tank-like treads making the floor vibrate slightly. The strength of his field weakened as it swept further down the hall, but he made out two doors on the right side, nearly at the edge of his range. For a moment, he thought he might have caught a hint of voices behind the second door.

Shots rang out, a rapid stuttering that pierced the dull roar of the flamethrower. Bullets zinged as they hit his field, deflecting into the ceiling and the walls. Interrupt noted the two plinks of a couple of remarkably intact slugs dropping to the floor on their side of his field.

Lamplighter shouted over the noise. “They can pierce your field?”

Grimacing, Interrupt focused on the area of his field where the bullets where concentrated.

“I can’t hold it off forever. If you have any tricks up your sleeve, now would be a good time.”