by Hydrargentium

As he waited in the dark, Kai became aware of a presence behind him. A glance over his shoulder showed nothing but a large rock, glinting grey in the moonlight. He turned his eyes back to the coffee shop down on the street below.

In his mind, he suddenly felt like he’d been slapped, like the jolt that happened sometimes when he fell asleep after a long day. A boulder? Up here on the roof? He turned fully around, the coffee shop forgotten.

It sat there, squat and solid, mostly round, about as high as his shoulder. Kai let a little light out from his eyes, and the yellow glow illuminated a smooth surface with tiny flecks of crystal. Reaching out, he tapped the stone with a finger.

As soon as he touched it, the rock began to move. As quickly as someone might stand up, the surface of the stone unfolded, and before before him stood the shape of a man. A huge man, with grey, petrified skin, but a man nonetheless.

Kai opened his mouth, closed it, and then opened it again, struggling to make words come out of his mouth.

“W… what?”

With a quick gesture, like a magician, the stone man held out a card, wedged between two fingers. Kai took it, turning it over in his hands.

It was a simple business card, black on both sides, with a clean white font. On one side was a symbol, like two capital Qs interlinked. On the other was two words, which Kai immediately assumed was the man’s name: Silent Boulder.