by Hydrargentium

Mu couldn’t decide whether it was the strange sizzling noise from the energy beams that bothered her more, or the mewling.

The area around the bulbous En-Car Technologies building had been cleared, but the kittens still took pot-shots at trees and lamp posts and the wrecks of cars in the parking lot as they patrolled the perimeter. They scampered about, talking to each other — or seeming to, anyway — with the typical gurgles and chirps and high-pitched meows of kittens at play.

She was glad, though, that none of them thought to look up. She floated above them, providing reconnaissance for the rest of the team. A direct view feed from her helmet showed them everything she could see, with parabolic audio doing a very good job of picking up focused audio from wherever she pointed her face.

She was considering turning off her tap on that feed, just so she wouldn’t have to listen to the kittens with their close-phase plasma emitters — “Kittens With Lasers” was what she was sure the headlines were going to be.