“I want you to know that I categorically deny any wrongdoing during my time in Elliot Lake.”

Bowing his head, exposing the thinness of his greying hair, the retired hero fiddled with the papers on the podium. Moments later, the video cut back to the news anchor. Just before the cut, though, Big Steel had raised his gaze up to room he addressed, unintentionally looking directly into the camera for the briefest of time.

The view into Big Steel’s eyes had only lasted a moment, but when Sandy saw it on the big living room TV, she felt like she’d been changed forever. A hero shouldn’t ever have to go through accusations like this. There in Big Steel’s eyes was all of the pain of betrayal, and a depth of emotional defeat she’d never even thought someone could feel.

She couldn’t let a man like Big Steel go through that. She just had to do something to help him. She just had to.