100 Words A Day by Hydrargentium

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Tag: Bilow

“Hey! Hey!”

O’Malley’s voice sounded tight and squishy. Mason attributed this to how O’Malley was hanging upside down, his control collar pressing against the top of his throat.

“Hey! Remember, you owe me?! Remember?”

Mason chuckled gruffly, the sound barely reaching O’Malley’s ears over the whistling wind.

“What?! You OWE me, man! Remember? Remember Bilow? His little problem?”

Mason wiggled his wrist a little. With his grip on O’Malley’s ankle, the movement translated into a distinct tremor, the ends of O’Malley’s arms waving through the open air in response.

“I owed you in prison, O’Malley. In there, we were on even terms, on prison terms. This ain’t prison. This is you, being dangled upside down from the top of a tall building, held by one leg, and me doing the dangling. You’re the escaped criminal. I’m the superhero. Different rules out here.”

With an effortless gesture, Mason swung O’Malley up into the air, letting him tumble end over end above his head. O’Malley’s screeching reaction was oddly satisfying, Mason found. With as little effort, he snatched O’Malley out the air, and set him down upright on both feet.

O’Malley collapsed, his legs failing to hold him up in the slightest.

“But since you like prison rules so much, I know you won’t mind when I take you back there. Say hi to Bilow for me.”

After the 8th day, Mason was ready to leave. Breakfast was another pile of sloppy scrambled eggs and cold toast, and the ketchup was so cheap he wasn’t sure it wasn’t just sugar and cornstarch and red dye #5. Bilow had been excoriatingly flatulent the last three nights, and Mason was seriously contemplating his cell mate’s ‘accidental’ strangulation.

“New guy. You’re looking battered.”

O’Malley set his tray down on the long table, and settled down on the bench beside him. He was careful not to touch elbows, or anything else, with his neighbours, and Mason extended him the same courtesy.

Mason grunted, pointedly not looking at his cell mate still in the food line.

O’Malley raised an eyebrow. “Bilow?”

Another grunt. “I’m gonna put him on a diet. We’ll see how much he can stink when he doesn’t eat for a week.”

O’Malley allowed himself the slightest of smiles. He knew he could only get away with it because the new guy was still new. In another month, it would be another story.

“Let me do you a favour. You can owe me one.”

Mason shovelled eggs past his beard, not bothering to swallow before responding.

“You want me to owe you? This better be good.”

This time, O’Malley’s smile was wider. It was okay this time. He had good news.

“I can get you a bottle of Beano for your friend.”