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Tag: Cranium

Nimbus floated up beside them.

“This is not going to be easy.”

Seven shrugged. “He’s just one guy. It’s not like he’s the real Defender.”

“He’s right,” Cranium interjected. “It might be three on one, but he’s been around for over a decade. He’s canny.”

“Ah, that just means he’s getting old. Old and slow.”

Nimbus shook his head, the light from his glow changing subtly as he moved. “He doesn’t look that old to me. More like grizzled. Grizzled and dangerous.”

“Whatever — we can take him.”

“Yes, we can. Just stick to the plan.”

“Your plan.” Seven looked pointedly at Cranium.

“Our plan.”

Cranium looked around, then looked Seven in the eye.

“We have to do this together. All in or nothing, Seven. So are you in?”

Seven looked away. “Yeah, I’m in.”


“Mm. Good burger, Ahmed.”

Seven watched the video feed, vaguely aware of Cranium fiddling with connections behind the monitor.

On the screen, the shopkeeper nodded his head. “Thank you, sir. I’m glad you like it.”

“Don’t call me sir, Ahmed. Defender will do.”

Seven rolled his eyes. Cranium took notice and started into his explaining mode.

“Yeah, go figure. When he showed up, he was calling himself Defender. But, you know, there already is one, so the media referred to him as the Heights Defender. Then it became just ‘Heights’. But I guess he insists on ‘Defender’ in his local interactions.”

“That’s pretty good sound. Did you bug the place?”

“Nope. Laser.”

“Laser? We’re listening with a laser?”

Cranium’s grin was huge and smug. “Yep. Pretty cool, huh?”