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Tag: Ice-Kool

On all fours, Antwan crawled partway under the shed. The sound of the mud slurping at Antwan’s knees made Ice-Kool want to giggle. Since he was in costume, he figured it wouldn’t make the best impression if he did, so he stayed silent, breathing out heavily through his nostrils. His cold breath crystalized the humid Florida air.

“I hid it under here,” came Antwan’s muffled voice from beneath the rickety structure, “’cause I figured no one but animals would want to crawl under here anyway.”

“Mmm. Good thinking.”

Ice-Kool looked around at the farm, old outbuildings crumbling from time and humidity. He could see how the orchard used to be a lot bigger, but that other trees and scrub had encroached over the years, and now only a small grove of oranges looked regularly kept.

When he brought his attention back to Antwan, the muscle-bound farmer was standing up from the mud, not bothering to do anything about the muck dripping off his overalls. Ice-Kool figured he must be used to that. Getting dirty was part of the job.

“So what have you got there?” Ice-Kool nodded at burlapped bundle.

“Well, see, I’m not really sure. Some kinda… well, see for yourself.”

When the rough sacking fell away, Ice-Kool had no idea what he was looking at — and no idea what to say.

“This… is disturbing.”

Mason took a swig from his coffee. “Mm.”

“Who would do something like this?”

Ice-Kool rubbed his hands on his thighs. His breath condensed the humid air into small clouds that hung in front of him, and dissipated as he stood up.

Mason looked at him. “You’re asking me?”

“No, I guess I already know.” He looked around. “Think we should look for clues?”

Mason threw back the last of his coffee. “I’m not really a clue guy.”

“No, I guess that’s Ranger’s thing.” Ice-Kool made himself look back down at the bodies. “Where is Ranger, anyway?”

Mason ran his fingers through his beard.

“Looking for clues, probably.”

“NO!!! IT’S MINE!!!! YOU CAN’T!!!!”

An image of ten-foot-high letters flashed in Ice-Kool’s mind. To match the thirty-foot-tall guy yelling loud enough to shake the windows over in the next block, he figured.

He formed a pillar of ice beneath his feet, growing it quickly to raise himself up to the giant’s level.

“Sure, yes. Okay. You don’t wanna give it up. I get that. I got my stuff, I don’t wanna give it up either. I’m cool with that.”

Ice-Kool looked the man up and down, taking in the chubby arms and legs, the man-boobs and the flabby stomach that sagged over the top of the cloth diaper. It didn’t make much sense to him, a grown man dressing like a baby. Being thirty feet tall had nothing to do with it — it was just plain wrong.

He wished, though, that the guy was normal sized. Even with a ten-foot-tall raging man-baby, he could have frozen him up in a solid block of ice, let the guy cool off for a bit while he waited for the response team to show up and haul the fool away.

Thirty feet was just too big. He’d have to get creative.

Ice-Kool sputtered, a minor sleet storm falling to the street below.

“What the hell IS THAT!?”

By the time Ranger took his eyes away from the action, Ice-Kool’s skin had turned frost-bite blue, and was coated with a quarter inch of clear ice. Given the circumstances, Ranger didn’t think his preparation unjustified.

“Looks like a giant fire-breathing shrew to me.” He shrugged, unshouldering his #1 rifle. “Could be a vole, though. I’m not up on that stuff.”

“What the hell is it doing here?!”

Ranger aimed his weapon streetward and peered through the scope.

“By the looks of it, finding out if Hummers are edible.”

He looked sidelong at Ice-Kool while he locked his underslung grenade launcher in place and loaded a canister with an orange stripe.

“You should head down and deal with the beastie. I’ll take care of the thieves.”

Raising his rifle to his shoulder again, Ranger squeezed off a shot. It ricocheted off the Hummer’s hood, causing the getaway driver to dive for cover instead of running away.

“Ice-Kool.” Ranger’s voice was suddenly sharp and commanding.

“Go. Now.”

“What’s going on down there?”

Ranger peered through his goggles for a few more moments, before shoving them up onto his forehead.

“Break and enter. In the jewelry store on the corner. They’re in there now, except for the driver in the Hummer.”

“Thieves in a Hummer?” Ice-Kool whistled. “That’s a serious ride for B & E.”

“It’ll go anywhere, and it’s hard to stop. Probably stolen anyway.”

“Hm. So, we going down there?” Ice-Kool’s hands started to glow, pale blue and shimmering.

“Nuh. I don’t like it. Something’s wrong. We’re gonna wait a minute.”

“Wait?! What for? Let’s-”

The sound of bursting asphalt interrupted Ice-Kool’s inquiry. Ranger looked down at the street, and then pointed.