It was cacophony, voices upon voices, yammering and jabbering, a dozen conversations all at the same time. Pairs and trios of uniformed officers talked about their beats, or their favourite teams, or just ribbed each other for any reason they could think of. The effect was made worse by the cinder block walls in the crowded room.

In spite of it all, a couple of “settle down”s was all it took to bring order to the chaos and attention to the front of the room. Sergeant LaPierre leaned on her podium and adjusted her reading glasses.

“It’s gonna be a weird one today, kids. As most of you know, it’s April 1st, which is April Fool’s Day. And, as most of you probably also know, April Fool’s brings out the stupid in people. Especially the Paras.”

More than a few of the officers in blue leaned over to say something to their partners. A lot of the talk produced laughter in response.

“Alright, alright. Yeah, we all know how funny it was when the Mayor woke up on the topside of the CN Tower last year.”