100 Words A Day by Hydrargentium

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Tag: Montana SuperCell

His brain switched on, and he felt the flickers of awareness, sharper than anything, scattered with moments of near numbness. It always seemed to take some time for his brain settle in, like a neon light, flickering harshly when first powered up, then finding equilibrium in a bright, steady glow — a process that was hard to measure subjectively, but in reality lasted less than a second. It wasn’t a pleasant sensation, but it was exciting, and once on, he could feel nothing less than ecstatic.

Before he’d even turned his head to look in the direction of the explosion, he’d already processed his memories of the sound, analysing it for intensity, overtones, and resonance signatures, matching them against prior knowledge and experience, and the vast library of data his eidetic memory gave him access to. Before he’d even had time to see the tall column of indigo smoke that poured up into the sky above the forest canopy, he already knew the source. Last he’d heard, though, that source had been in the Montana SuperCell.

There’s a period every day when Linda (not her real name) can not turn off her powers. When the sun is at its apogee, and its tidal forces are lined up perfectly with the humming magnetic field of the Earth’s molten metal core, the lines of energy that flow through Linda reach their most powerful state, and her fire erupts from the pores of her skin. It’s hell on clothing, and hell on the furniture, and hell on pretty much everything in a twelve-foot sphere. To handle this daily hell, Linda used to wear asbestos underwear, and fly up into the clouds.

Nowadays, she steps into a special chamber in her special cell, and lets the system built to hold her deal with it all. Linda is doing twenty years in Grand Plains SuperMaximum Prison, the so-called Montana SuperCell. She is philosophical about her situation, and seems, for the most part, relaxed by being taken out of the super-villain scene.