This is a story about Rory.

Rory is a heavy man, with big hands and a big face. His face is almost friendly, except for the hardness in his dark eyes. They might not always have been hard, but they’d been hard at least as long as he’d been working at the station.

Rory works for the Winnipeg PD, but he’s an administrator, not a cop. He doesn’t carry a gun — doesn’t ever want to — and never deals directly with the front line. Instead, Rory’s responsible for all of the paperwork surrounding officer/metahuman relations.

Any time a metahuman apprehends a criminal, it crosses Rory’s desk. Any time the police tussle with a super villain, Rory collates the write-ups. Any time metahumans assist in police operations, Rory has reams of paperwork. Any time a beat cop so much as nods at a costumed metahuman, Rory has a form for it.