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Tag: United Heroes

It was all going to be so simple. Once the United Heroes were neutralized, held captive in the jelly-like buds of his alien plants, he’d be free to enact his Grand Plan. Yes, even in his head, it had capital letters. By controlling the transmission of all radiowaves through the atmosphere, he would hold all the power. None might oppose him, and no one save the United Heroes had the power to stop him. He could bring peace to the world, and women to his bed, and bring back Veronica Mars and Firefly as ongoing series.

Doctor Cloud knew he couldn’t be stopped, and knew his trap for the United Heroes would work. He even repeated it all in his head, multiple times, until he was sure he’d got it out of his system. For certain, Doctor Cloud was no fool. He would never, ever be defeated, because he had worked the urge out of his system. Doctor Cloud would never, ever get caught monologuing.


“It’s been a while since I needed a tie.” Mason tugged awkwardly at his collar, and fumbled again with his half-windsor knot.

“You’ll be fine, Mason.” Jessica brushed a bit of fluff off Mason’s shoulder, then put her arms around his waist and squeezed him from behind.

“Besides, I think you look pretty good in a tie. Even though you didn’t shave.”

“Any monkey can look good in a tie,” Mason grumbled. “That’s why men wear them.” Tug. “Maybe the only reason.”

He turned around in the circle of her slender arms, returning the embrace. The simple act of hugging this wonderful woman relaxed him more than a six-pack of Export ever could.

“And the beard is part of my look. What would the United Heroes think if I showed up for the interview having bent that much to convention? I don’t think they’re looking for someone who folds under peer pressure.”